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Consumer Unit Installation

MK Dual RCD Consumer Unit

Consumer Unit Changes in the Latest Wiring Regulations update.

Due to a change in the wiring regulations, all consumer units installed from January 2016 must be made of a non combustible material, most of the manufacturers have opted for metal.

These changes certainly don’t mean that home owners, landlords need to upgrade their existing consumer units, however if you were thinking of a change then make sure any replacement is carried to the latest regulations, lots of the wholesalers, DIY stores are still selling off their remaining stock of plastic consumer units cheaply at the moment.

If you are looking for a replacement consumer unit to be fitted, then please give us a call, below are the typical prices for us to supply and fit a Dual RCD, metalclad consumer unit that is complient with the current regulations. As part of our fitting service we test the circuits to be reconnected, provide a copy of the test results in the form of an Electrical Installation Certificate and provide a completion certificate to state the works have been carried out in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations.

 Supply and fit 6 circuit dual RCD consumer unit     £325 plus VAT

Supply and fit 8 circuit dual RCD consumer unit     £375 plus VAT

Supply and fit 10 circuit dual RCD consumer unit   £425 plus VAT

Things to Know When Having a Fusebox/Consumer Unit Change

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) provide additional protection by monitoring current flow on the live and neutral conductors, if the current flowing through these conductors is out of balance the RCD will trip.

Existing circuits or appliances may have faults where there is current leaking to earth, these faults will not have been detected by existing fuses or circuit breakers not incorporating RCD protection. If existing faults are present, these will need to be corrected to ensure the new consumer unit does not suffer from nuisance tripping, the cost of resolving existing faults is NOT included in this offer and will be separately quoted for.

Main equipotential bonding to the water/gas/oil supplies should be already connected (this is usually a thick piece of green/yellow wire connected to a clamp by the water stopcock/gas meter/incoming oil supply). If the main equipotential bonding is either non existent or dangerously undersized, this will need to be corrected. The cost of installing/upgrading main equipotential bonding conductors is NOT included in this offer and will be separately quoted for.

Very old cabling, most properties built or rewired since the 1960 will use PVC cable, this is usually fine for reconnection to a new consumer unit. older cables such as rubber (sometimes called VIR), lead sheathed cables or materials sheathed cables are usually in a fragile state and not usually suitable for reconnecting.

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